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Boom System

Boom System

Boom System
Boom system is applied to breaking hard substances such as rock, brick and steel. Giant Hydraulic boom system is able to endure heavy load. The structural components adopt high-strength steel with dead block, constant-pressure variable output pump, balance valve and pilot operated safety valve etc. There are two types for option: slewing bearing type (H model) and steering cylinder type (Z model) which can meet the different loads and installations. In addition, it employs AC electric motor for low operating cost. The control mode of boom system adopts manual hydraulic control, manual electric control and wireless remote control. Pressure, oil level and oil temperature are controlled by the system, with alarm indicator. Boom system also uses air cooler to control the oil temperature.

Hydraulic breaker, a piece of hydraulic engineering equipment, is used increasingly by our global customers. This construction machine is mainly used in the following areas:
1. For unchoking obstructions in mines.
2. For secondary crushing in mines and quarries.
3. For crust breaking, brick breaking and cleaning in smelteries.

Giant Hydraulic boom system is well received in Holland, Portugal, France, Greece, Brazil and Australia. More information of our products, please contact us!

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